Fuel-Finger is the ultimate tool for Pilots.

The pre-flight-check requires the check of the amount of fuel inside the tank of the aircraft. Everyone knows that the process of checking this bears problems since you are not able to look inside the tank of a Cessna 152 or 172 without a ladder! And even though you reach the tank-lid you cannot see anything because the visibility inside the tank is really bad.

Every pilot knows - or should know - that the fuel-meters onboard are absolutely unprecise and a visual control urgently necessary to avoid hazards.

The simple solution: Fuel-Finger!

Stop wondering how many litres could be inside the aircraft. Instead CHECK it within 5 seconds:

Do it like this… Open the tank-lid. Put Fuel-Finger into the tank verticaly until the lower end stands up on the buttom of the tank….

…close the upper end of the Fuel-Finger with your finger…

…pull Fuel-Finger out of the tank keeping your finger on the top. Check the amount on the scale…

…remove your finger on the top, Fuel-Finger will drain and the fuel flows back into the tank.

That's it!

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